AAP-DK expresses disappointment over AAP-DK Self Goals

12:24 PM, Saturday, May 24th, 2014
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MR VasudevaMangalore : AAM AADMI Party Dakshina Kannada expresses disappointment with “insiders” who either engaged in subterfuge, or leak information about internal differences in the past or falsely represent themselves to the press. Mr. Vasudeva called it as he saw it and spoke the truth in a recent interview. The public airing by an insider commenting on Mr. Vasudeva’s assessment of attributes that affected the outcome of the election, is another example of how freedom is being misused to the advantage of outsiders and to the detriment of AAP.

Mr. Vasudeva took on the role of official party spokesperson of AAP-DK during his campaign and continues to do so until further notice. The party is on the lookout for effective Kannada and English media relations volunteers.

Having accepted the invitation to contest Mr. Vasudeva campaigned energetically with the minimalistic 5M’s – Manpower, Material, Money, Machines (vehicles) & Messaging (communication) resources, he had at his disposal. He undertook a physically daunting schedule and visited even remote parts of the district where no other candidate had visited. Besides the Namo wave, it appears there were issues beyond the party’s control that resulted in vote swings.

The facts are undeniable and plain to see. The results of the election were extremely  disappointing, and not just in Dakshina Kannada but also nationally, AAP experienced a setback, and at the same time has seen a silver lining in winning Four Seats, all in Punjab. Compare this with a 127+ year old party that won just 44 of the 543 seats. AAP has made a beginning and with introspection, course corrections and serving the people, it will do better.

Looking ahead the party recognizes that it lacks individuals of Mr. Vasudeva’s calibre. The party urges interested thought leaders of the Dakshina Kannada community to come forth and join. In the meantime, members who are genuinely interested in the party are encouraged to air their differences within and forever maintain their silence regarding such matters without.

This is a call to all genuine followers of AAM AADMI Party who have the welfare & interests of the people of Dakshina Kannada and the party in their hearts, souls & minds.


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