Sahyadri Samrakshana Sanchayana organised `World Environment Day’ in a unique manner

8:18 PM, Thursday, June 5th, 2014
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Bella Bajil Mangalore: The Sahyadri Samrakshana Sanchaya and other Friendly associations organised ‘Bella Baajel’ (Jaggery and Water) an awareness programme on environment to mark the World Environment Day at Hampanakatta circle in Mangalore here on Thursday, June 5.

Kuttar Thimmakka was inaugurated the programme with traditional song by Aati Kalenja with a traditional dance. Dinesh Holla, environmentalist was organised the programme.

A few years ago, in Hampankatta area a old person named Appana served free water and jaggery to the travelers. That is the traditional welcome drink that was served in the coastal regions long back. Appana was famous for his service. After that Appanna Katte changed to Hampana Katte.

For this memory Sahyadri Samrakshana Sanchaya organised this unique programme at Hamapana Katte circle. On this occasion Aati Kalenja welcomed guests by water and jaggery. For a special attraction nine different streams of Netravati river named Elaneeru Hole, Bandaje Hole, Mrityunjaya Hole, Aniyoori Hole, Sunaala Hole, Neriya Hole, Kapila Hole, Kempu Hole and Kumaradhara Hole are exhibited on nine different mud pots filled by waters.

Bella Bajil Speaking on the occasion, Prof. Shrisha Kumar, lecturer, Vivekananda College, Puttur, said that we must raise our voice against unscientifically planned projects like Netravathi river diversion. If we have no Netravati, then we have no life. If there is no rain, no water, due to global warming, coastal area is covering by the sea day by day. In the next 30 years, we can’t see the Mangalore city if it is continues like this.

M.G. Hegde said State government implementing anti-social projects to the district. Siddramaiah government was neglected the people of the district. His cabinet ministers and MLAs acting like that.

Dr. Vamana Nandavara remembered the history of Hampanakatta on the occasion.

Prof. Chandrakala Nandavara, Suresh Shetty, Ashok Bhat, Ananta Padmanabha, Prakash, Kateel Dinesh Pai, Dinesh Kodialbail, member of Sahyadri Samrakshana Sanchaya, Harish Adyar, Madhav Ullal and others were present.

Dinesh Holla, compeered the programme.

Bella Bajil


World Environment Day


World Environment Day


World Environment Day


World Environment Day




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