Palimar Math Shree performs Akki Muhurtha before ascending Paryaya Peetha

9:35 PM, Friday, January 20th, 2017
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akki muhoorthaUdupi: Swamiji of Palimar Math Shree Vidyadheeshateertha performed ‘Akki Muhurtha’ before ascending to the Paryaya peetha at Krishna Math Premises on Friday.

He is the next to ascend Paryaya Peetha after Shree Vishweshatheertha Swamiji. This ritual was second among the four rituals that are must to be performed before ascending the peetha.

akki muhoorthaPreviously Swamiji had performed Bale muhurta in the math and Kattige Muhurtha and Bhattha Muhurtha are remaining to be performed. Nearly 108 Akki Mudi’s were collected during the occasion. It is a practice that the seer who ascends the Paryaya Peetha has to do ‘Annadana’ for two years.

Devotees organised a grand procession where ‘Akki Mudi’s’ were brought to Ashta Math. Various seers welcomed Palimar Math Shree in a ritualistic manner. Malika Mangalarathi was performed during the occasion.

akki muhoortha

akki muhoortha

akki muhoortha

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