Home minister Ramalinga Reddy urges for ban on slaughter of animals

1:54 PM, Tuesday, March 6th, 2018
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ramalinga-reddyMangaluru: Karnataka home minister Ramalinga Reddy on Monday said slaughter of all animals should be banned across the country.

Reacting to BJP’s demand for total ban on cow slaughter, the home minister said he personally is of the opinion that all type animal slaughter should be banned.

“None of us have the right to kill animals, which are creation of god. All of us worship cows and it should not be slaughtered. Personally, I have objection to killing of any animals.

Let BJP leaders put pressure on the centre government to ban all slaughter houses and ban export of beef. Large number of beef export units are functioning in Uttar Pradesh. Let them ban those units,” he urged.


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