BJP is trying to divide, rule our nation like Britishers, says Siddaramaiah

3:23 PM, Tuesday, December 10th, 2019
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Bengaluru : Lashing out at the centre for the introducing Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, former state chief minister Siddaramaiah on Tuesday said that the saffron party is trying to divide and rule our nation just like the Britishers did.

Taking to Twitter Siddaramaiah wrote, ” Citizenship (Amendment) Bill is a tool to satisfy BJP’s urge to target Muslims and not to address the concerns of Migration. There is a lifelong obsession for RSS to target Muslims because it is widely known that Muslims in India are more Indians like any other than the bunch of RSS men.”

He further added, “The Bill is unconstitutional and does not pass any yardstick to be non violative. BJP aims to divide and rule our nation just like how British did. BJP wants to implement both NRC and CAB to classify Muslims as illegal migrants and finally deport them.”

“The Bill illegally excludes Muslims in the list of persecuted minorities Are Shias not minorities in Pakistan? Are Shias not persecuted in Pakistan? Are Indian Muslims from PoK who have migrated to J&K not eligible to show their Indian character?” he questioned.

Union Home Minister Amit Shah introduced the Citizenship Bill in the Lok Sabha on Monday.

The Bill seeks to grant Indian citizenship to the non-Muslims refugees escaping religious persecution in Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan.


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