Tula-bhara in coins performed for the next Paryaya Guru of Sode mutt in Kadri

1:27 PM, Tuesday, December 13th, 2011
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Tula-BaraMangalore: Vadiraja Sode Mutt (Udupi) swami Vishwavallabha Theertha was worshipped and honoured at the mansion of Pradeep K. Kalkura, an advertiser and devotee, at his residence in Mallika Extn., in Kadri on Monday.

Tula-Bara.jpgA ‘Tala-Maddale’ programme was held on the occasion, which has literary relevance in Dakshina Kannada district with a theme from Mahabharatha. Participants engage in furious arguments, in a ‘Prasanga’ (case). 5 artistes took part.

Harikrishna Punaroor of Mulky, and B.R. Bhat of Corporation Bank among others, were present.

Kalkura, as host of the event, expressed his joy and informed that Mangaloreans always      welcomed Udupi Paryaya festival as their own.

The sage of Sode Mutt was weighed with rupee coins by Kalkura, as a gift. The giant balance had been duly decorated with flowers.

Swamiji later stated on the occasion that elders had made Paryaya such a blissful experience, by donations to poor and hungry. A puja was performed by the retinue of visiting Swamiji at the residence.


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