12:14 PM, Wednesday, July 11th, 2012
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GaneshIt is certain that the Golden Star has come back to form.  Looking at the way the audience were reacting to the comical, song and sentimental sequences, it can definitely be assumed that  Ganesh did not lose the battle, but his films did lose because of  weakness in the content. But Romeo which also suffers from lot of weak points in its content  seems to have narrowed  the gap  between the average and better quality.  The result is that  Romeo gives a Paisa Vasool entertainmemnt mainly because of  Ganesh’s screen presence and his distinct style of acting and dialogue deliver.

Director Sekhar once again shows that he can execute his work with style and vision using the best of technical support.

Romeo is thoroughly enjoyable and hilarious in the first half, but moves in a little slower pace in the second half.  It can still be aruged that the love affiar and marriage between the two lead characters should have a finality and certain sequences were deliberately made to move in a slower pace.   The second problem is that the second half has only one song sequence and less of comedy compared to the first half.   And it is not explained how Ganesh and Sadhu Kokila bury the hatchet to become friends to antagonise Avinash.

Barring such mistakes, Romeo wins mainly because of  good song picturisations,  thoroughly enjoyable comedy sequences and the performance of artists.  Even the characterisations looks believable and the dialogues make a good impact.

Ganesh is top class.   His style, dances and dialogues are the high point of the film.  Surprisingly he has shown his prowess in action sequences.  Bhavana looks vulnerable and extremely likeable. Rangayana Raghu, Sadhu Kokila, Avinash  and Sudha Belawadi, are perfect selections for the role.  Raghu and Sadhu will bring thunderous laughter in theatre  with their comedy oriented dialogues and action.

Romeo is  the best of  Ganesh’s films in recent times.   It is a totally well packaged film.  Watch it with your family and friends.

Vaidhi’s camera work and Arjun Janya’s music are complimentary to the film.



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