Women’s Commission report on Mangalore homestay attack makes no mention of Hindu Jagarana Vedike

3:55 PM, Thursday, August 9th, 2012
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ManjulaBangalore: The Karnataka State Women’s Commission has submitted its five page report on the Morning Mist Homestay attack in Mangalore, to the home minister R Ashok on August 9, Thursday. Interestingly, the report which makes no mention of the Hindu Jagarana Vedike activists who masterminded the attack, at the same time demanded action against the police for failing to prevent the attack. The report has demanded a thorough investigation into the case by a police officer of the rank of DIG.

It has also demanded the arrest of all those whose name has been mentioned in the FIR. The report which does not mention Hindu Jagarana Vedike however has questioned why there was no watch on Subhash Padil even when  he was involved in the earlier attacks.

The report also has questions on the owners of the Morning Mist and the birthday party organisers. It has further questioned why the partying youngsters were not subjected to medical examination. It has even demanded the transfer of a police officer whose daughter was at Morning Mist when the attack took place. The Commission report has even urged  media to exercise self-restraint while airing such footages and recommended convening a meeting of editors.



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