M’lore rly station to come under integrated security system soon

10:49 AM, Friday, August 24th, 2012
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Mangalore central Railway StationMangalore : The Mangalore Central railway station to come under integrated security system soon which has always lacked security provisions, despite being one of the busiest stations, is now gearing up to implement the Integrated Security System (ISS). In an attempt to enhance the security, the Railway Protection Force has chosen 202 railway stations across the country for implementing the ISS.

As many as 14 stations in Southern railways have been selected for the purpose, of which, Mangalore and Calicut stations have been selected under the Palghat division.

The security system that is being set up in the station includes internet protocol based CC TV system, a control room for acess control, personal and baggage screening system with metal detectors, under-vehicle scanner and the bomb detection and disposal system. Though the scanning machines have been dumped in the Central railway station since three months, they have not yet started operating.

Speaking to Deccan Herald, sources from the Palghat Railway Security division informed that the security system is being installed in the Mangalore Central railway station at a cost of Rs 3.4 crore.

“The Mangalore and Calicut stations are the first few stations in the country to implement the security system among the 202 stations that have been selected for the purpose. The Mangalore station has already received baggage and parcel scanning machines, metal detectors and under vehicle scanner, while the CC TV cameras are yet to arrive at the station. All the equipment are received after obtaining clearance from the Research Designs and Standards Organisation (RDSO) in Lucknow,” said the sources.

The work related to laying of the cables for installing CC TV cameras has already begun at the station. Soon after the cabling work is completed and the CC TVs arrive at the station, the full-fledged security system would operate.

According to the sources, the security system is most likely to operate within two to three months.

‘Seal unauthorised     entries’Terming the railway’s security move as an eye-washing mechanism, Pashchima Karavali Railway Yatrikara Abhivruddhi Samiti President Hanumanth Kamath said implementing ISS without sealing the unauthorised entries would not really serve the purpose. He told Deccan Herald that there are at least four rear entries and exits in the Mangalore Central, which could continue to entertain those who wish to gain entry to the station, skipping the security measures.

“At the outset, the railway’s initiative appears to be an attempt to waste the public money. There is no point implementing ISS by spending crores of rupees, without sealing the unauthorised entries. At present, the Central station is very badly prone to the officials’ apathy. Hardly we find the TC or the police near the main entrance counter at the time of the arrival of long journey trains. The station is free for all as it is open to anybody who wishes to take a stroll in the station,” he alleged.

In response to the allegation, the Security division sources said that initiatives will be taken to close the illegal entries once the ISS is introduced. “Closing the unauthorised entries too is one of the objectives of the ISS and it will be taken into cognisance,” sources informed.-DH News



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