Kodikal residents reign blows on woman councillor

8:24 PM, Wednesday, May 11th, 2016

Pratibha KulaiMangaluru : Due to Irregular supply of water, that irked the residents of Kodikal, and after heated exchange of words with a Woman councilor, it ended up in blows on her at the Kulai pump house on Tuesday.

Sunanda and 20 other residents of Kodikal and neighbouring areas came to the pump house around 9 a.m. as they had not received water for nearly 10 days. They called councillor Pratibha Kulai to the spot to inform her about their problems.

According to a complaint filed with the Surathkal police, Ms. Prathiba Kulai said that during the course of the discussion, that Ms. Sunanda slapped her after being prompted by Vasant and Sachin. Ms. Pratibha Kulai said that the residents illegally block her.

In a counter-complaint, Ms. Sunanda accused Ms. Prathibha Kulai of assaulting her and abusing others. The Surathkal police have registered the two complaints.

Banners showing district in-charge Minister B. Ramanath Rai’s name on tankers supplying water to different parts of the city for which Leader of the Opposition in the Mangaluru City Corporation council Roopa D. Bangera objected to it.

When several parts of the city were reeling under water scarcity, Ms. Bangera said it was unfortunate and cheap publicity that the Congress was trying to take mileage for distribution even water which is the most essential, at this moment. Instead of seeking cheap publicity,, Mr. Rai should have put more sincere efforts to solve the crisis. Mr. Rai and three other ministers should jointly address the acute water problems faced by the people in and around Mangaluru.

Officials have failed to find out alternative sources of water.

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