Lawyers on battle grounds Sn.144 in force Ban orders issued by CPC Mirji

3:59 PM, Friday, March 9th, 2012

police-banBangalore: Form Coimbatore in Tamilnadu, STF strike forces of armed police have been called to Bangalore to protect, well, decent citizens against attacks by lawyers on Friday(March 9).

Bangalore is slipping into a battle ground because some rowdy lawyers are taking law into their own hands, disregardful about what chief Justice Vikramjit Sen may tell them, as precautions.

The lawyers are laying a siege on the KHC premises, when courts are deserted and clientele is unhappy.

Only a minimum court work is perhaps handled, but in a cover of anxiety and impending gloom, spreading over the red building.

There is a ban order against indecent lawyers at state HC, issued by CPC Mirji, against the background of a mighty attack on Complex of High Court by lawyers on raids.

They come at 9AM from City Civil Complex of Courts and Sessions courts as well, towards High Court to invade the HC building.

There are possibilities of anti-social elements wearing a 100 black coats again, to cheat police and people at large, and assault them merrily for a revenge.

Public assets may be damaged, or lost in the process, warned JP. Mirji, CPC in a release.

The ban order on processions and attacks pervades the whole city. Section 144 is in force, to deter terrorising lawyers, Mirji added.

All busy areas in city are covered by Police on Watch and the ban orders against “advocates of violence” on war-path on March9.

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