‘Learn Tulu script to unravel treasure trove’

7:09 PM, Sunday, July 17th, 2011

Kannada Sahitya ParishatMangalore : The knowledge of Tulu is necessary to study the ancient Tulu script that is a treasure trove of knowledge, said Dakshina Kannada Sahitya Parishat president Pradeep Kumar Kalkura.
Speaking at the “Tulu Lipi Akshara Male” (Tulu alphabet) here on Saturday, Mr. Kalkura said for a long time Tulu had been the administrative language in Tulu nadu.
Mr. Kalkura said the knowledge of Tulu would help to know more about ancient architecture, vaastu shastra and astrology. He said people should start with their signature and continue writing in Tulu.
Playwright Vijaykumar Kodialbail, who released the book, said the response to his film Oriyardori Asal dispelled the myth that there was not much support for Tulu.
“People accept it when it is given in a particular form,” he said.
Akshara Male
The 16-page booklet priced at Rs. 50 is a reprint of the compilation made by Venkataraja Puninchithaya.
It was first brought out by the Tulu Sahitya Academy in 2001 and was reprinted in 2004.
The present booklet printed by Tulunad Samskruti Vedike Trust has the Tulu alphabets, numbers and names 12 Tulu months.

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