Lok Pal bill: Who should be in?

7:08 PM, Monday, June 20th, 2011

lokpaLMangalore: A raging debate is going on all ever the country about who should be included in the previsions of the proposed (Janata) Lok Pal bill now being formulated in June 2011 by a committee of 10 members, five of them Congress ministers(mostly tainted) and 5 civilians (partly tainted) what about PM and Judges ?should they be covered by it?
While LokPal bill may be welcome to untainted representatives of the people, to those suffering from some allegations/charges/attacks/wordy duels/criminal acts sitting as MLAs/MPs/ministers it is a night are to have someone who is watching them with both eyes is their cabins/ official residences or hideouts/ offices/resorts, where they have sex or drinks scandals from time to time. It is almost established now that our politicians cannot be free from crimes, war fares, charges and troubles the world ever, and they cannot rule for long terms at a stretch ( say 30 years in Egypt,32 years in West Bengal, 3 to 4 terms in USA of 4 years, or even 5 years in India) without facing people’s recriminations, or storing attacks However, the politicians, of course, in Congress party want their rule for 6 decades, and free of all legal suits.
Under such shabby, dirty, unclean and in human circumstances, the Indian politician’s worry is only to make more money, just like a Test cricketer, or BCCI with IPL crews of entertainments. They bend the rules, break the laws, and negotiate pacts, or implement plans, to make a few lakhs more in 20th century, and a few more crores in 21st now. There is no limit to their lust for wealth, as DMK Can say, or Suresh Kalmady can prove, and the police dept/CBI can point out since 1950. Who can look after and punish such unruly careerists in politics or sports?
The Ombudsman is a Swedish concept. But despite the Ombudsman (a public Vigilance officer) their govt. in Sweden was involved in Bofors bribes case, and olaf palme( a PM)was Killed on the street. Their Nobel prizes did not help overcome sex and corruption in Sweden. We do not seem to tab the crimes taking place in the west in our humble admiration for the western factory systems ad wealth .
We have hardly criticised their degraded and down fallen heroes in the past, in 20th century and present meltdown cases in USA/Europe. We have enough of our own scandals in India. We are 4th ranked capitalist, corrupt nation in the world. Obviously, Lokpal can wait, and Lokayukta can go home on retirement, without harming the politicians who want unlimited power and money on hand.

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