Mangalore – Udaupi districts support trade unions strike

12:55 PM, Tuesday, February 28th, 2012

trade unions StrikeMangalore : The twin districts of coastal region have supported to the strike called by trade unions in association with political outfits on Feb 28, Tuesday.

As the commercial units and offices remain closed and private buses have stayed off the roads keeping city remaining silent.

trade unions StrikeThe bundh has been called off to bring various issues such as pension, contract employment, and outsourcing of jobs to the attention of the government.

Some of the private vehicles, auto rickshaws and KSRTC buses can be seen moving on the roads.

Trade unions StrikeThe Bus Owners Associations of DK and Udupi officially did not supporting the strike since the trade unions have not sought their support, while the Airport Employees Association has is supporting the strike.

Reportedly a bus driver was injured in vicious incidents when stones were pelted at two KSRTC buses, a private bus, and 3 government buses in various places of the city.

 Trade unions Strike

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