Milad Rallies, special prayers mark Eid-Milad celebrations in Mangalore

1:02 PM, Thursday, January 24th, 2013

Eid-MiladMangalore : Muslim brethren in Mangalore celebrated Eid-Milad, the birth anniversary of Prophet Mohammad  on January 24, Thursday. Special prayers, namaz and processions marked the celebrations in Mangalore.

Several places in Mangalore are decorated with banners and buntings as part of the celebrations. Milad rallies were taken out by Madarasa children at various places including Bunder.

Hundreds of Muslims also attended Namaz in mosques and exchanged greetings.

Various programmes too have been organised to propagate the ideals of Prophet Mohammad. It is a day when every devout Muslim rededicates himself and pledges to abide by the teachings of Prophet Mohammad and lead a meaningful life.


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