MT Fair-chem Bogey captured by Pirates: Crewman M. Nangi safe and back home

6:14 PM, Saturday, January 21st, 2012

Somali-PiratesKasaragod: Have you been held captive by Somalia black pirates on high seas? Never mind, M. Nangi(53) from Mogral in Malabar area was among the crew of 21of a ship captured by African pirates in January this year, but was released on January 12 at Salalah Port where he was held up for a week to come to Mumbai on certain technical reasons.

His wife went to Mumbai to fetch him and their son(who works in Mumbai) back to Mogral.

A large crowd of relatives, friends and of course, reporters were waiting for Mohd. Nangi, on his return  of Friday evening to meet them. There was a festive mood at ‘Green Park’, his home in Mogral.

A Mumabi-based company owned the Oil/Chemicals cargo carrier vessel, MT Fairchem Bogey, hijacked by Somalian pirates at Salalah port, and held captive for days, for ransom. There was a crew of 21 in the captive vessel, including the ageing Nangi.

M. Nangi reposed his faith in Allah to win back his freedom. He thanked all friends and relatives, his company and press who made efforts to save the crew and the cargo ship.

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