Notice issued to 130 organisations for not providing ESI facility: Shivaramakrishnan

10:24 AM, Friday, January 20th, 2017

ShivaramakrishnanMangaluru: “130 organisations which failed to provide ESI to its employees under labours state insurance scheme has been issued notice,” said ESI Mangaluru region Acting Director Shivaramakrishnan.

He was speaking in a programme organised by KCCI on the topic of ‘Latest developments in ESI’, on Thursday at KCCI office.

“To provide social security to the labours ESI will be provided to them under SPREE scheme. Registration for the scheme can be done from December 20, 2016 to March 31, 2017. In any organisation where 10 people are employed and they are paid Rs 21000 salary then the employees must be subjected ESI scheme,” he said.

He further said that all the employees will be considered under ESI scheme from the date when they joined the duty. Nobody will be fined for that and no access amount will be deducted. The scheme provides protection to employees and to their family.

“In case a person who is availing ESI and changing his company then he should provide his old ESI insurance number to continue to avail the facilities. Employees can avail medical treatment in the ESI hospitals as well as in the other hospitals with which agreement has been done,” he added.

KCCI President Jeevan Saldanha, Treasurer M Ganesh Bhat, P B Abdul and others were present.

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