Passport applicants harassed in Mangalore office, alleges Khader

11:04 AM, Thursday, March 21st, 2013

MLA UT KhaderMangalore : MLA UT Khader has alleged that passport applicants at the passport office in Mangalore were subject to continuous harassment.

Speaking to reporters, he said the witnesses in passport applications  were unnecessarily asked to come to the office for cross checking  and also pointed out that the applicants were asked to furnish round seals for all their documents while there is no such practice of using round seals. He says the passport authorities when contacted say there is actually no such rule.

Khader also came down heavily on the state government for its failure to handle the power shortage scenario and added the frequent power cuts had hit hard the student community particularly as it is exam time. He also questioned why the government which was now citing shortage of coal, had not made arrangements well before hand to purchase coal.


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