Preethi Geethi Ityadi

8:53 PM, Wednesday, June 25th, 2014

Preethi Geethi ItyadiMuch anticipated Kannada movie Preethi Geethi Ityadi is special for few reasons. It is the on-screen debut of film maker Pawan Wadeyar and directorial debut of newbie Veerendra aka Virus Veerendra, who is another talent from Sandalwood’s ace director Yogaraj Bhat’s camp. For an extent Director Pawan, who is known for his romantic movies like Govindaya Namaha and Googly, has become successful as a lover boy in Preethi Geethi Ithyadi.

As love is the main theme in Yogaraj Bhat’s film, Preethi Geethi Ityadi is also the same movie, which says ‘Forgiveness is the biggest strength in the love’. The movie is all about the middle class youth, who will be responsible for the death of a poor man in a car accident.

Pawan Wadeyar (Pawan Wadeyar) will be responsible for the death of a poor man, who happens to be the father of Nandu (Sangeetha Bhat). Pawan, who learns the pathetic condition of poor man’s family gets conscious and upset about the sin committed by him. In the course of the film he falls in love with Nandu and wishes to support the poor man’s family without revealing the truth. What happens next? Will Pawan reveal his identity to Nandu’s family? Forms the crux of the story, which should be enjoyed on the silver screen.

No doubt he is a maverick movie maker, but as an actor, Pawan Wadeyar needs lot of learning. Sangeetha Bhat is impressive as a poor girl and love interest to Pawan. Ranghayana Raghu steals the show with his dialogue delivery, body language and as a supportive father to the helpless son. Vinay Prasad and other new faces in supporting roles are praiseworthy. Yogaraj Bhat and Jayanth Kaikini’s lyrics is the backbone for the new director Virus Veerendra’s debut flick. Bhat is also successful in coming up with the refreshing storyline. Veer Samarth’s music is notable. The track ‘Thirboki taka taka’ is our pick.

Preethi Geethi Ithyadi is a nice attempt by the two first timers. A movie to catch up this weekend to get a warmth feeling to our heart. The movie is one time watchable.

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