Private bus conductor and woman quarrel disrupts traffic

2:40 PM, Saturday, December 1st, 2018

bunts-hostelMangaluru: Vehicular movement was disrupted near Bunts Hostel after an argument between a private bus conductor and a woman driving a car evolved into a quarrel on Friday evening, November 30th.

Apparently, the fight between the woman and conductor of the private bus no route 6 (State bank – Shaktinagar) was in connection to overtaking. Outraged, the woman waylaid the private bus near Bunts Hostel and took the conductor to task. As the temperature of the argument raised to exchanging heated words, the traffic police on the duty here rushed to the spot.

In the meantime, the locals in the area also joined the argument, with some supporting the woman while the others supported the conductor. Since the woman and the bus conductor belonged to different communities, the police carefully managed to disperse the mob thereby preventing any escalation.

Later the police asked the duo to go to Kadri Police station. A case stands registered in this connection at the station.

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