Sahyadri Innovation Hub, conceptualized Li-Phone

8:17 PM, Monday, July 16th, 2018

Li phoneMangaluru : Li-Phone is simply a phone with a difference, but with highly advanced technology. It uses light source to communicate instead of radio frequency normally used by the cell phones.

For this we have to understand how cell phones work. Cell phones use radio waves to communicate. Radio waves transport digitized voice or data in the form of oscillating electric and magnetic fields, called the electromagnetic field (EMF). Radio waves carry the information and travel in air at the speed of light.

Cell phones and other mobile devices emit radiofrequency (RF) waves, a type of non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation (commonly called “cell phone radiation”). When you hold or carry a mobile device close to your head and body, you can absorb over half of the transmitted RF energy.

While cell phones bring enormous convenience to our lives, the possible health consequences of exposure to cell phone radiation have aroused considerable public attention and scientific debate. The reported health effects include cancer, impaired brain and nervous functions, sperm damages, behavioral problems in children, to list a few. From lack of concentration, sleep disorders, fatigue, dizziness, heart ailments to brain cancer, Cell phones play havoc with the lives of citizen’s especially young generation. The companies never disclose these dangerous side effects to the cell phone users.

The World Health Organization (WHO) classified cell phone radiation as “possibly carcinogenic to humans”. New Study found Tripled Brain Tumor Risk for Long-Term Cell Phone Users.

In view of the health issues involved in the usage of cell phones, RDL Technologies, sponsored by Sahyadri Innovation Hub, took up the exhaustive research work to find the alternative solution for using RF waves. With a highly talented team of engineers, headed by Raghav Shetty, RDL made a break through after a decade of pain staking research work in cell phone technology, using light source instead of RF waves, effectively nullifying the health hazard content of normal cell phones.

RDL’s innovative technology uses light as a main medium for communication and widely designed for indoor wireless communication.

It is a fact that whether in office or home, 70% of our day to day life communication is happening in indoor environment. Hence, RDL used visible light for communication instead of RF (Radio Frequency)

The technology:
Li-Phone is simply a mobile device which uses a mobile or smart phone, which is operatively coupled with a base station, which includes a first port for transmitting first data through a communication medium which uses visible light (LED) or Infra red based communication medium. This medium is a light source instead of Radio frequency. This light source converts the signals from your cell phone to the Li-Phone effectively blocking the RF frequency waves, protecting you from radiation hazard. This Li-Phone provides a secure, radiation free environment, safe guarding humans particularly children from hazardous RF radiation effects.

Li-Phone is a result of high-tech technology research work, yet it is simple and user friendly. You can keep our cell phone or smart phone at a secured place or away or corner of your home or office. Switch on the LED light, couple your Li-Phone with your cell phone and start working. No RF radiation, no health hazards. It’s absolutely safe for your children too. It saves your cell phone’s battery life all the while delivering speed and secure communication. It’s sleek and comfortable to handle.

Li-Phone invention is a commitment to the civic society from the technology leaders – RDL Technologies. To develop a technology which is very much concerned about public health, especially the next gen is the strong underlining motto of the research team at RDL technologies. Equally supported by the visionary Institution “Sahyadri Innovation Hub”, Li-Phone breathes new life in to the communication world to develop “Internet Toxic free” world, where people can live stress free lives.

This is a Startup India project by RDL Technologies at Sahyadri Innovation Hub, at Sahyadri College of Engineering, Mangalore.
For more information write to – Mr. Raghav Shetty, RDL Technologies
For more details watch the video

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