Sri Rama Sene challenges DKCC members to walk barefoot to Bellary.

4:17 PM, Thursday, August 5th, 2010

Mangalore : A batch of about 100 Congress volunteers and leaders went by bus to Hiriyur in Chitradurga district to join the KPCC members going to Bellary by foot to create public awareness against BJP Ministers looting national wealth by illegal means of mining iron ore for exports.

But they took with them some folk dancers playing tiger dances and dressed up gods (Daivas) of Tulunadu which is seen as an affront to local Hindus and Tuluwas.

Sri Rama Sene in après note on Thursday Aug. 5th when the Sene members realized that it was a mockery and a show, and not a serious Padayatra that local DKCC /UPCC members have undertaken to Bellary to make a laughing stock of BJP rulers. The showmen of DKCC / UPCC have been challenged to walk barefoot, if they had the guts to do so, and leave alone the Tulu gods and their Silly enactment said Kumar Malemar, of Sri Rama Sene.

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