Tulu Academy releases book on S.R.Hegde (Tulu Koota)

6:45 PM, Thursday, June 16th, 2011

Tulu-kootaMangalore: Dr. Palthady Ramakrishna Achar, president of Tulu Sahitya Academy (TSA) of the state on Wednesday released book on S.R Hegde, founder, Tulu Koota on coastal region, at the Tulu Chavadi.
It is 29th  in the series of 31 books brought out by academy, entitled “Unforgettable Tulu leaders”(Marepperanvandi Tuluver) who contributed to language and culture of a Tulunadu conceived by TSA.
M. Rathnakumar who wrote the story said that  S.R. Hegde born in 1934, founded the first Tulu Koota (Gathering)in 1969. Hegde spent 27 years of his life for Tulu only, when it was neglected by scholars, but he revived it as a caretaker. The author thanked Ms. Hegde for invaluable information on her late husband, also Rakesh and Rajesh, Hegde’s sons.
Achar, presiding, expressed in his remarks, that the Academy alone cannot preserve or promote Tulu without people continuing to develop it. Tulu is new taught in schools as a 3rd language, he added. Kumble Sunder Rao stated that the book introduced the work of S.R. Hegde to all Tuluvas.

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