ABVP students take out processions and protest against privatization of higher education

11:49 AM, Thursday, December 19th, 2013

ABVPUdupi-Mangalore: Thousand of ABVP students from MGM, KMC and other colleges demonstrated near the Clock Tower on Wednesday Dec. 18, disapproving of the State Govt. tactics to privatize engineering, dental and medical seats in the Govt. quota in various colleges to the extends of 30 to 45% which is easily available to poor students in Govt. aided colleges with or without scholarships and with or without high marks in entrance test conducted by Govt. under CET and by Comed-K so far.

With more seats passed on to private colleges in professional courses by the minister of higher education (R V Deshpande), under the Karnataka Professional Educational Institutions (Regulation of Admission and Fixation of Fee) Act, 2006. The result of transfer from state area to private colleges would end up in the heavy fees and other charges to be paid by students Indian or foreign including those from poor families.

With the reduction of state quota and increase in private quota proportionately or even more, the professional carriers intended by students at large in India would suffer and only richer class students who can effort to pay a high fee or a donation on the seats available, as poor students comparatively would have no capacity to afford huge sums of money in lakhs to obtained higher education.

The protesting students in Udupi and Mangalore where against the state bill coming up in legislature in 2014 and wanted a summary ban on such bills that effect common man and the families of poor students.

Mangalore: The demonstration in city on Dec.18 near Bunts Hostel was attended by ABVP member students from more than one college in hundreds, and they too held placards showing disgust for the Bill that could raise professional education cost in dental, medical and engineering colleges that abound in port city. The Students raised slogans against the all the favor privatization of higher education to the large extent ending in higher fees and a lot many other contributions by parents of the students or poor communities, they wanted CET to prevail upon Comed-K entrance exams to secure a professional seat at an affordable price.

The students marched in the streets of Mangalore before gathering near the venue at Bunts’ Hostel, where their leader K. Ramesh addressed them at length and explained the purpose of demonstrating against ensuing dangers in professional studies on west coast.



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