9:10 PM, Saturday, February 5th, 2011

Kalmanja – a remake that doesn’t click in Copy

KalmanjaBangalore : When a remake film follows the old film of which it is a remake, there is nothing left for creativity even to a maiden director like Ramesh Prabhakaran, who blindly follows a seven year old Malayalam film in subject and substance in Kannada. Those who see such films are wasting their hard-earned money. It is too protracted and needs a fresh outlook with scissors.
KalmanjaIt is about “Kalmanja” and Vasumathi, and their misunderstandings. Komal Kumar should have done a full comedy role; as per twists and turns given to the incidents on screen. He dances and cries instead with a fat body unfit for the role. Udayatara has a tear-jerking role. Aishwarya Nag looks appealing but has a small role.
KalmanjaEmil’s music swallows songs in the sound, and one can not recall the lyrics. Kaviyarasu’s lighting is dull in capturing shots.

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