Mangalore Constituency (Ullal) Poll prospects

12:55 PM, Saturday, May 4th, 2013

Ullal ConstituencyMangalore : The former Mangalore -2 constituency of 1957-1998 period, become Ullal constituency from 1978-2008 and again changed its name as Mangalore from 2008 onwards.

The first election of 1957 was won by Gajanana Pandith of Congress party and A Krishna Shetty of Communist party of India won the next election (1962) since then it is a Congress victory until Ramachandra Rao of CPM won the election in 1983. Barring Jayaram Shetty’s win from BJP in 1994, it is the father, son affair of UT Fareed anad UT Khadar. The father son deo won 6 times in Mangalore constituency from Congress party ticket and today UT Khadar is a strong candidate for the seat  of Mangalore MLA.

He is a 2 time MLA of Mangalore from Congress party and a social activist. He nurtured his Constituency from very beginning   and responds to any problems of his constituency even though he has been an opposition MLA. His secular credentials are well known and he actively participates in legislative discussions. He has done his ground work well for the election 2013 and is a ministerial stuff if congress party wins the state election.

Ullala AssemblyChandrahas  Ullal from BJP is a young enthusiastic  and very active new entrant to the MLA race. Having sangha parivar’s backing, he endeared himself to all communities and even counts on Muslim votes. If any split occurs in Muslim votes (9 other Muslim candidates are contesting ) there is a bright chance of victory for Chandrahas Ullal, because, BJP lost last election  for the margin of only 7,000 votes. Even bunts and Brahmin votes are decisive because it amounts to 20,000 votes.

So, in Mangalore constituency we are expecting very tight contest between UT Khadar of Congress and Chandrahas Ullal from BJP. The chances of  JD(S) and KJP candidates winning  are rather slim, and other independents candidates can only have marginal effect in the over all voting pattern. Even communist party lost its former glory and its candidate Krishnappa Salian may not go beyond 5,000 votes.


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