Muslim Central Committee attacks Communal forces

8:35 PM, Tuesday, January 10th, 2012

Muslim Central-CommitteMangalore :  7 persons(all boys of 20 or 22) have been arrested in Sindgi(Pak) flag hoisting case in Bijapur district last week, 2 of them being brothers.

While Pramod Mutalik has denied that they were from his Sri Rama Sene, in Mangalore a Muslim Central Committee(MCC) president K.S. Masood Ahmed has promised his groups co-operation in every way(?) to set at rest any communal unrest that the incident night have enkindled.

He appealed to CM Gowda to maintain peace all over the state.

Talking to reporters on Tuesday(January 10), Masood criticized the Pak flag hoisting over Tahsildar’s office. It was an attempt to incite a communal riot by a few, he alleged.

The flag was burnt down later. But Masood wanted to question the patriotism of the Sangh Family(Parivar).

Such Communal forces could pose a threat some attacks on Church, and an issue of preventing Jumma prayers at kodavoor.

Office-bearers of MCC were present at the press meet.

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