BJP Govt. satisfied with commission’s report on church attacks

Friday, January 28th, 2011
CM Yeddyurappa

Bangalore: The Yeddyurappa (BJP) government has made it clear that it did not provoke church attacks in 2008, where as Bajrang Dal convener for Karnataka, Mahendra Kumar in 2008 owned up the responsibility for these attacks. A church in Raja Rajeshwari  Nagar was attacked by stone pelting by Bajrang Dal volunteers. Three churches were attacked […]

Commission of inquiry on Church attacks seeks extension.

Saturday, July 10th, 2010
<!--:en-->Commission of inquiry on Church attacks seeks extension.<!--:-->

Mangalore : The Justice BK Somashekar commission which is inquiring in to the various attacks on several churches and Christian shrines in Mangalore and Karnataka, has not completed its examining work on witnesses but by July 31, it may need a longer time to write its judgment after the enquiry is done fully. The commission […]