Srikanth ”Olave Mandara”

9:14 PM, Friday, December 24th, 2010

“Olave Mandara”: Interview with Srikanth, the hero

ShrikanthMangalore: A press meet was called by Executive producer Sampathkumar to publicize the imminent release of a new Kannada film ‘Olave Mandara’ (Love is a flower), made in 3   south Indian languages. Meet was as on 21st Dec, but the film was due for release as on 7 January, 2011 by Alliance pictures. Here is an interview with  Shrikanth (Film Hero) held here:

Q: Have you anything to say of this maiden film?
A: The film shooting was held in 9 states, giving rise to various situations and first hand new experiences. In Assam, we faced obstacles. I had no problems to face the camera as I had undergone a course in film acting.

Q: What about your role in this first picture?
A: I am a rich man’s son in this film, so I have full freedom to live as I please. I am adopt in dancing / singing arts. I give programmes in many states in India by going place to place. I get to know the heroine in one of these places.

Q: How did you secure the chance to enter films?
A: I passed out of Bangalore Chitrakala (Fine Arts) Academy acting course and did an year of painting apprenticeship. I studied dancing, music and painting in this period. Such preparations brought me to the my Dad to secure the main role.

Q: Any other films in the offing?
A: The present film has to be released first. Only thereafter further decisions would be taken for other films. There was an offer to act in the main role in one more picture earlier, but let us wait and see.

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